Groupotrade has existed for more than 10 years, we are mainly in the field of programming, trading, website, editor producer, script, image, videos, music right side Sabam Belgium and Sacem France, DMCA.

Our Websites:


Many people think that we are just robot copiers, you can compare the evolution of our creations, this one speaks for itself.
We have a staff of 7 people, programmer, designer, marketer, hacker, technician, trader.

The owners are two people with the same last name from Belgium, and yes we are strict because the business demands it, if you want to succeed in life you have to know how to protect your work.

Time line


Video Live Net 
Installation of video dome camera and live internet broadcast of clubbing in Belgium, Germany, France
Erotica salon live broadcast on swingers website, sexy live show in discotheque broadcast live on the internet Belgium Amateur and Montreal Amateur.
Our Label: Webooking / Chrome Music Production 
Musical production and publishing 3 x Gold Disc
Rnb / Pop / Hip Hop organization of evenings, concerts, live broadcasts of our artists, signing in editions d'artiste France, Italy, Germany, USA, Puerto Rico, Closure of Video Live Net for a new start
The world of video and music is good but doesn't really pay. We opened Belgiumtronic wholesaler in electronics, mobile, computer, RC Toys, we were once again the first to import SYMA camera helicopters from China in the world entire with partnerships like Groupon and others... And already the first steps in trading without really being inside in 2011...
Creation of the company Groupotrade and start-up of the first robots, and close world of music company in 2013, and Belgiumtronic 2018 to dedicate ourselves 200% to trading because it has become a passion.
Study of strategies creation of strategy ideas, automated manual strategy development with our robots and in 2018 obtaining our first license as an official trader.
Creation of GX12BOT, initially it was a scalping and breakout strategy but we evolved over the years and understood that a single strategy was not sufficient with a market that changes every week.
New catalog, new strategy with GX12, new website, new web design idea with our staff who takes care of everything on the web, marketing, technical side etc... and Groupotrade finally becomes the thing we had the idea for on the day of its creation , made a group social trading website and it was only after 10 years that the project was finally put online...