Service Passing Challenge

Pass a challenge with us or buy the robot, you have the choice but know that using a robot requires a little experience, which is why we offer this robot management service in order to guarantee the success of the challenge.

A lot of people say, oh yes it's easy, the creator of the algorithm is an idiot everyone can do it!!!

If you say so...

Afterwards, they don't know how to manage anything, they are beginners who are clever, and break their faces and they will lose, afterwards they will say, have you seen them? your bot....

That's why we opened our service because too many people are looking to make money but don't know how to make money, using a robot requires experience and discipline.

The prop firms will try to make you lose, it's their livelihood, and that's also why we intervene because we know the tricks of the prop firms.
If you want to win let us do our job.

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